DIY Wedding Ideas

Need some DIY wedding ideas? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve had many years experience of planning and organising the decorations for hundreds of weddings. By using some ‘do-it-yourself’ skills, you will be able to produce memorable wedding decorations that are both unique and personal to you both.

diy wedding ideas featuring a bridal bouquet

Perfect DIY Projects

There are so many different aspects to a wedding, which makes it perfect for DIY wedding ideas. You can pretty much turn your whole wedding into a DIY wedding project where you, close friends and family make all the decorations, dresses, invitations, food, music and entertainment. But don’t worry if that sounds all too much for you then just cherry pick the areas that you feel you would enjoy.

a vintage diy wedding centerpiece at a recent weddingUnique and Original Centrepieces

You might want to consider creating DIY wedding centerpieces, I’ve got plenty of step by step tutorials that will give you great ideas to get you started.

Wedding centrepieces can totally transform a wedding venue. You can personalise them to fit with your theme, colours, personality and the season of your wedding.

Personalised Wedding Invitations

materials to create a diy wedding invitationDIY wedding invitations are another popular choice for brides. I think this is because you can make them well in advance and before you get tied up in the busy pre-wedding period.

Your wedding invitations are the first thing your guests receive and they really can set the tone and style of your wedding.

Creating your own unique DIY wedding invitations is a great way to give your guests a feel of the type of wedding you’ll be having.

Stunning Wedding Flowers

diy freesia wedding flower bouquetAre you a keen gardener or flower arranger? DIY wedding flowers might be a perfect project for you.

Creating your own beautiful wedding bouquets, centrepieces, buttonholes and ceremony decorations may not be as difficult as you think.

I’ve got plenty of help, advice and step-by-step tutorials on creating your own unique wedding flowers.

Save Money On Wedding Favors

heart chocolate diy wedding favorsMaking your own DIY wedding favors is a great way to save a bit of money and add a personal touch at the same time.

Are you a chocoholic? You might want to create your own unique chocolate favors and these cute little heart chocolates are a perfect romantic nibble.

By making your own personal DIY wedding favors you will be able to add your own style and personality to your favor gifts.

Creative DIY Wedding Ideas

ribbons for creating diy wedding decorationsDIY wedding projects are all about creative ideas. You will want to make things that fit with your chosen theme, reflect you both as a couple and of course can be made within your wedding budget.

Not feeling that creative? Or perhaps you just need inspiration – I’ve got lots of DIY wedding ideas that will get you started.

You’ll find loads of easy step-by-step tutorials for wedding invitations, favours, centrepieces, flowers and so much more in my wedding craft tutorials section. Don’t forget to keep revisiting this section as I’m permanently updating it with new and original ideas.

The Three ‘Ps’

Any DIY wedding project is all about planning, preparation and practice. Believe me I truly believe a wedding running smoothly with as little stress as possible is all down to the planning and preparation.

Wedding Planning Resources

If you are in the early stages of planning your wedding, you may want to have a look at these resources that we have put together. They will help to ensure that your wedding goes without any unexpected hiccups.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Software

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