Birdcage Wedding Centerpieces

diy birdcage wedding centerpiece on a table Birdcage wedding centerpieces fit in really well with a vintage wedding theme.

This centerpiece gives you a romantic English country garden look.

I hope you enjoy creating your own birdcage centerpieces by following my simple step-by-step tutorial. I’ve chosen to use old-fashioned flowers and jam jars to keep with the vintage wedding theme.

materials needed to create a diy birdcage centerpiece for a wedding Equipment

  • A birdcage
  • Various sizes of jam jars I used 6 in this tutorial.
  • A selection of ribbons in your wedding color theme.
  • Flowers and foliage to fit with your wedding flowers theme.
  • A circular mirror.
  • Scissors.
  • String.
decorating jam jars with ribbon bows for a wedding centerpiece Step 1
Tie ribbon bows around the rim of your jam jars and fill them with water.
flower posies for a diy wedding centerpiece Step 2

Create small posies of flowers and foliage and tie them with brown string.

flowers in a jam jar to create a vintage style wedding centerpiece Step 3

Cut the stems of the posies so that they sit in your jam jar. Make a posy for each of your jam jars.

ranunculus flowers in a wedding centerpiece Step 4

If you choose to use small jars you can simple place single stems into them.

flowers in a wedding bird cage centerpiece Step 5

Place one of your jam jars inside your birdcage and place it in the center of your mirror.

flowers arranged around a birdcage for a vintage style wedding centerpiece Step 6

Arrange your jam jar posies on the edge of the mirror so that they surround the birdcage.

I love the random nature of this centerpiece, for me it works really well if you choose to collect different sized jar and use a variety of flowers.

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