Bridal Flip Flops With Diamante Detailing

bridal flip flops decorated with diamantes In the evening when you want to take a break from your high heels you’ll find these bridal flip flops give fantastic relief to tired feet.You can jazz up the most basic pair of flip flops and make them into a stylish wedding accessory. In this project I will show you how to add diamantes and a flower motif to create your own special bridal flip flops.
materials for decorating bridal flip flops You Will Need:

  • A pair of flip flops.
  • A meter of diamante braid.
  • A hot glue gun.
  • Organza fabric and two diamante buttons (optional)
adding diamantes to bridal flip flops Take the diamante braid and measure it along the length of the flip flop strap, cut it so you have a little bit spare on either end.
showing you how to glue diamantes on to flip flops Add a drop of hot glue onto the centre point of the strap.
adding diamante decorations onto wedding flip flops Find the middle point of the diamante braid and glue it onto the strap. Leave to cool for a few minutes to set. For extra support you can also stitch around the braid and the strap to make sure it is really secure. Next run the glue down one side of the strap and secure the diamante braid. Do the same on the other side. Snip of the excess.
bridal flip flops decorated with diamantes Now you can finish there if you want because the diamante braids detailing on it’s own gives you a special look for a bridal flip flop.
bridal flip flops decorated with a flower However if you want to go a stage further and add the organza flower with the diamante button centre then simply follow the instructions on my wedding flip flop project. Now you won’t have to worry about anyone catching sight of your tired feet in these pretty bridal flip flops, in fact you’ll probably want to show them off!
close up photo of rhinestone trim used on bridal flip flops Another name for the diamante braid is rhinestone trim and you can purchase it at the M & J Trimmings Website. From their home page click on rhinestones and crystals tab, then rhinestone trims and you will see lots of different trims that you could use to decorate your bridal flip flops.