Butterfly Wedding Invitations – Ideas to Make Your Own Butterfly Invitations

Weddings are a time to share a beautiful ceremony with friends and family. The wedding and reception should be personalized and fit the bride and groom. Butterflies seem to be the new “dove” when it comes to weddings. Butterflies are showing up in a number of ways in weddings and receptions.

Many beautiful wedding invitations have butterflies on them. In fact, butterfly wedding invitations can be gorgeous. For the adventurous bride, doing your own invitations can be fun, creative and presents a one-of-a-kind invite for your guests. There are a number of ways to tie a butterfly theme into your invitations.

Cricut and Cut-Outs

If you are crafty and happen to own or know someone that owns a Cricut you can create cut outs to personalize your butterfly wedding invitations. If you do not happen to own a Cricut, craft stores sell pre-cut butterflies in all different colors, sizes and styles. Pick a color and size that best suits your wedding theme and add them to your invitation.

Butterfly Paper

If you are printing your own wedding invitations, you can choose cardstock that is already had butterflies printed on it. For a more subtle touch, try looking for cardstock that has pressed and raised butterflies on it already. If you are computer savvy, you can even print your own butterflies right on the invitation as you are creating it.

Ribbons and Adornments

There are a ton of butterfly ribbons and adornments to choose from. You can choose delicate ribbon, snap-on butterflies, glue on butterflies and more. A visit to your nearest craft store or a quick jump online will give you many, many ideas of how to adorn your invitation using butterflies.


Inserts always add a special touch. Things like butterfly confetti that get sprinkled when your guest opens the invite are a cute touch. A piece of tissue paper with butterflies on it will add a soft, delicate touch to the invite.

When it comes to doing it yourself butterfly wedding invitations, the options are endless. Making your own invitations can not only be fun, but you are assured that your guests’ first impression is this will be a “One-of-a-kind” wedding. You truly are limited only by your imagination. Choose your butterflies by the mood you want to set, small and delicate, bold and vivacious, just a hint of butterflies or heavily adorned. No matter what you choose you are sure to have a great keepsake that is handmade and unique.