Create Your Own Stylish Wedding Cake

by Cindy on June 5, 2011

Don’t panic you haven’t got to be a chef or even a good baker to create your own stylish wedding cake. Why not buy your own wedding cake from a local supermarket? Now a few years ago you might have thrown your arms up in horror, but these days a lot of the big stores are creating great wedding cakes.

buying wedding cakes from a local supermarket

Supermarket Wedding Cakes

Here you can see me holding a couple of tiers of fruitcake in my local Marks and Spencer store. They have a great range of cakes in all sorts of sizes, flavors and styles. Let’s face it not everyone is a fan of fruitcake, so if you want chocolate sponge then go for it. You can literally make your own cake with the flavours you choose in the size and number of tiers that suits you.

They also sell all of the bits you need to construct your cake including plastic support dowels and pillars.

Wedding Cake Decorations

Over the years I have decorated many of these cakes and people are always telling me how delicious they are. I’m often asked to add wedding cake flowers to the top of these tiered cakes.

The flowers are always made to coordinate with the bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces and overall wedding flower theme. This makes the wedding cake unique, no one will guess it’s a shop bought cake once these touches have been added.

gloriosa flowers used to decorate a shop bought wedding cakeYou can also decorate them with bands of color coordinated satin ribbon. You might want to think about adding details like these elegant diamante brooches that you can see in the photo here.

You can see how I simply placed the beautiful gloriosa flowers onto the top and side of the cake to give it a totally unique and sophisticated look.

If you want to create a rose or mixed flower wedding cake decoration then simply follow my step-by-step tutorial.

These days it couldn’t be easier to create your own stylish wedding cake and by adding simple yet personal wedding cake decorations it will be special for your big day.

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