DIY Buckle Wedding Invitation

diy wedding invitation featuring a diamante buckle I love these diamante buckles they look really stunning and elegant when used on DIY wedding invitations.

Use our ribbon wedding invitation tutorial for the entire ‘how to’ instructions and then just substitute the diamante buckles for the knot!

materials for a diy wedding invitation tutorial Materials

You will need all the materials listed on our ribbon wedding invitation tutorial plus your diamante buckles.

diamate buckle on a diy wedding invitation Simply thread the buckle onto your coordinating satin ribbon. I used 1.5 cm ribbon, which works really well with the 2 cm by 2 cm square buckle.

For a really co-ordinated look you can add these buckles to your place setting cards, menus and order of service programs. I’ve also seen the bigger buckles used on wedding cakes and chair backs.

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