DIY Butterfly Wedding Invitations

diy butterfly wedding invitation Butterflies are just so pretty and delicate which makes them perfect  for a wedding theme. Why not create your own beautiful DIY butterfly wedding invitations by following these easy step-by-step instructions.

I’ve chosen to use a lilac purple color in the ribbon, card and butterfly motifs. But you could use a color that fits perfectly with your own personal wedding color theme.

materials for a diy butterfly wedding invitation Materials

  • Print outs of your wedding invitation wording, cut to size.
  • Two sheets of colored card that fit in with your wedding color theme.
  • Coordinating ribbon.
  • Butterfly motifs.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
Lining up diy wedding invation wording Step 1

Line up and cut your background card to the correct size, giving it an even border all the way around.

glueing wedding wording for an invitation Step 2

Glue the back all the way around and place it in position.

using ribbon to decorate a wedding invitation Step 3

Measure a length of your ribbon across the corner making sure that you have enough excess to fold over the back of the card.

how to glue ribbon to a diy wedding invitation Step 4

Hold in place and turn the card over.
Fold the excess ribbon and glue down.

mounting the card for a diy wedding invitation Step 5

Glue the back of your colored card and carefully place it onto the backing card.

adding butterflies to a wedding invitation Step 6

Glue your butterfly motifs in position. I added one onto the wedding wording as well on the ribbon because I had a space.

butterfly on a diy wedding invitation Such a simple but really pretty butterfly wedding invitation that you can easily create for your special wedding day.