DIY Christmas Wedding Centerpiece

an easy diy wedding centerpiece ideal for a Christmas weddingHere is a very easy DIY Christmas wedding centerpiece tutorial. This great design makes  really effective table decorations for any brides planning a wedding over the Christmas holiday season.

You can easily combine your own wedding color theme into this wedding centerpiece by choosing baubles in your wedding colors. I also love the way this arrangement features a candle, as candlelight is so romantic for winter weddings.

materials you need for a diy Christmas wedding centerpiece You will need:

  • An 18cm glass bubble ball with inner vase.
  • A selection of baubles in your own wedding colors. I’ve used different shaped ornaments to create interest and texture.
  • A chapel candle. I used one that was 75mm x 50mm.
  • Gravel in a color of your choice. I used fine silver gravel stones.
filing a bubble vase with baubles for a diy Christmas wedding centerpiece Step 1

Start by placing a random selection of your chosen baubles into the bubble vase.

Make sure you mix up the colours and textures to create interest.

adding the inner vase to a Christmas wedding centerpiece Step 2

Place the inner vase on top.

I normally sneak a few smaller baubles in as I add the inner vase so that the decorations fill the vase.

making a diy Christmas wedding centerpiece Step 3

Place your colored gravel into the inner vase.

I usually fill the inner vase so that it’s two thirds full.

diy candle wedding centerpiece Step 4

Place your candle into the gravel, giving it a little twist so that it sits securely.

a diy christmas wedding centerpiece with a candle That’s it! How simple but really effective is that.

A perfect DIY Christmas wedding centrepiece that can be made well in advance of your winter wedding.

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