DIY Tropical Wedding Centerpiece

diy tropical wedding centerpiece The gloriosa flower is perfect for a DIY tropical wedding centerpiece. It’s such a stunning flower that you really don’t have to do too much to it to create an original wedding decoration.

This tutorial submerges the flowers under water, which creates a really unique, and interesting design that I’m sure your guests will admire.

materials needed for a diy wedding centerpiece Materials:

  • 5 gloriosa flowers
  • A tall cylinder vase, the vase I’m using is 60 cm tall and 12cm in diameter
  • 1 ½ meters of 2mm aluminium wire
  • Scissors
gloriosa flower for a tropical wedding centerpiece Step 1
Take each Gloriosa flower and cut off the pollen and remove 1cm from the bottom of the stem.
gloriosa in a tall wedding vase Step 2
Place the first flower into the bottom of your vase.
adding wire to a diy wedding centerpiece Step 3
Twist the colored aluminium wire so that it spirals and place one end of it into the vase. Add another flower.
making a diy wedding centerpiece using tropical flowers Step 4
Keep adding flowers and wire so that you are trapping the gloriosa in-between the wire spirals without damaging the petals. Keep doing this until you get to the top of the vase. Cut off any excess wire.
adding water to a tropical wedding centerpiece Step 5
Gently fill the vase with water. The gloriosa flowers should stay trapped within the wire, which prevents them from floating to the top of the vase.
gloriosa flowers underwater in a wedding centerpiece Step 6
After a while the wire and flowers will be coated in little air bubbles, which gives them extra, texture and interest. The water also magnifies the flowers making them appear bigger than they actually are.

You can place your tropical wedding centerpieces onto circular mirrors and surround them with tea lights in glass holders.

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