DIY Wedding Candle Centerpiece

a diy rose and candle wedding centerpiece This DIY wedding candle centerpiece is just so simple yet so effective, which makes it a perfect DIY project.

I’m always being asked to incorporate candles into brides wedding centerpieces, as they are so romantic whatever time of the year you are getting married.

This wedding centerpiece is certainly going to add the WOW factor to your wedding table decorations.

equipment needed to create a diy candle wedding centerpiece What You Need:

  • A 12 inch and a 10 inch circular mirror.
  • Five roses.
  • Four wine glasses.
  • A column candle to fit the base of your chosen wine glass.
  • Scissors.
a purple rose being placed under a wine glass for a centerpiece Step 1

Cut the rose heads off the stems. Place them into each of your wine glasses.

wine glasses with roses placed on a circular mirror centerpiece Step 2

Arrange three of the wine glasses equally spaced around the largest 12 inch circular mirror.

circular mirrors being used to create a wedding centerpiece Step 3

Place the smaller 10 inch circular mirror onto the bases of the up turned wine glasses.

top teir of a candle centerpiece Step 4

Place the fourth wine glass in the center of the top mirror.

adding rose petals and a candle to a diy centerpiece Step 5

Carefully place your candle onto the base of the up turned wine glass.

Finally pull the rose petals off the remaining rose and scatter them around both of the mirrors.

All that leaves you to do is light the candle and admire your candle wedding centerpiece.

arranging wedding flowers around a candle to create a centerpieceTake this tutorial a step further and add wedding flowers to this unique wedding centerpiece. Follow my step-by-step instructions to learn how to add an extra special touch to this design.

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