DIY Wedding Cupcake Stand

a diy wedding cupcake stand made from square mirrors This project will help you create your own special DIY wedding cupcake stand.

I’ve used squared mirror tiles to create my cupcake stand as they are often easier and cheaper to buy but you could easily make it with circular mirrors. I think by adding the flower topper and rose petals you can link it to your own wedding flower and color theme.

mirrors and roses ready to create a wedding cupcake stand Material You Will Need To Make Your DIY Wedding Cupcake Stand:

  • Three different sized mirrors I used a 12 inch, 10 inch and 7 inch square mirror.
  • Two mirrored pillars, I used a 5-inch cube mirror vase and a 4-inch tall mirror tea light holder.
  • For the cake stand topper I used another 4-inch tall mirror tea light holder.
  • Flowers to coordinate with your wedding flower theme I used 6 pink roses.
building a diy wedding cupcake stand using mirrors Simply create a tower of mirrors starting at the base using the largest and work your way up to the top tier.
making a pink rose topper for a diy wedding cake stand To create the rose cake stand topper I took the metal dish out of my mirrored tea light holder leaving a hole to place my roses.

Place 5 roses into the center.

placing a pink rose topper on the top tier of a wedding cupcake stand Place on the top tier of your cake stand.
adding pink rose petals to decorate a wedding cake stand Arrange your cupcakes onto the stand.

Take the sixth rose and gently break off the petals. Scatter them randomly all over the stand and onto the cake table.

cupcakes arranged on a diy wedding cake stand It’s that easy to create your own DIY wedding cupcake stand.

Learn to make your own DIY wedding cupcakes.

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