DIY Wedding Invitation Envelopes

line your wedding invitation envelopes Lining your wedding invitation envelopes is a beautiful way to present your invitations. You can coordinate them perfectly with your DIY wedding invitations by using the same colored paper that you have used on the invite.
materials needed for a diy wedding invitation envelope Materials

  • One of your chosen envelopes.
  • Scrap card.
  • Colored paper that coordinates with your invitation.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
wedding invitation envelope Step 1

Take one of your envelopes apart, taking care not to rip it!

cutting your diy wedding invitation envelopes Step 2

Cut off the sides and carefully cut around the layer of glue that seals the envelope.

diy wedding envelope template Step 3

Place it on your scrap card and draw round it. Cut it out and now you have a template that you can draw around.

paper to line your wedding invitation envelopes Step 4

Place the template onto your chosen coloured paper and draw around it. Cut it out.

adding color coordinated paper liners to an envelope Step 5

Place your colored paper inside your envelope.

glue your paper liner inside your envelope Step 6

Line it up so that it sits in the centre. Add a line of glue just below the glue seal of the envelope.

a lined wedding envelope in wedding color scheme Step 7

Line it up carefully and press it into position.

For this example I’ve used plain paper but you could add more decorative papers and motifs to coordinate with your own personal DIY wedding invitation.

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