DIY Wedding Stationery

Making your own DIY wedding stationery can be such an enjoyable project. But before you set about this task just take some time to plan out how much of the wedding stationary you want to make as a DIY project.

How Much Should You Make?

purple butterfly on a diy wedding invitationYou could choose to create your own DIY Wedding Invitations, and then find commercially produced ceremony programmes, wedding menu cards and place setting cards that fit with your design or wedding theme.

However you could decide to make all your own DIY wedding stationery so that it’s all homemade by you. How about making your wedding invitations and ceremony programmes more elaborate and then choose an element of the design to go on the wedding table stationery.

One of the first pieces of stationery that will give your guests an idea of the wedding theme and style of your wedding is the save the date cards. So if you are planning on sending these out don’t forget to consider these when you plan your DIY wedding stationery project.

More Help and Advice

Here are some links to pages where I go into more detail about the different elements of the wedding stationery. I’m going to be adding more ideas to this page as the website develops so don’t forget to come back and visit this page to see more updates.

Wedding Programmes Examples – this covers the things you will need to include in the programme.

Ideas for creating your own Wedding Ceremony Programmes.

Here are some Wedding Programme Ideas.

Find some great step-by-step tutorials on DIY wedding invitations and envelopes on my wedding craft tutorials page.

Stationery Budget

diamate buckle on a diy wedding invitationIt’s not always about saving money when it comes to creating your own wedding stationery, as all the different stationery elements can soon quickly add up. But what you do get is a more original or unique design that is less than if you’d had it made especially for you.

Creating your own wedding stationery can be a great project at the early stages of your wedding planning before you get involved with other tasks. However much or little of the stationery you decide to create yourself I’m sure your going to have lots of fun making it.

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