DIY Wedding Table Card Holders

by Cindy on August 6, 2011

table card holders made as a diy projectI’ve just made a new tutorial on wedding table card holders that you might want to have a look at.

I’m permanently working at different weddings setting up the wedding centrepieces on the morning of the wedding. One thing that I’ve noticed is people have great ideas for themed table names, they’ve gone to the trouble of making decorative cards with beautiful embellishments but they have no stand or are displayed badly.

A lot of people rely on using the hotel or venues table card holders and believe me they can vary from being quite good to pretty unusable. I’ve seen table name cards that are so large and high they block the view across the table, ones that fall over as soon as anyone enters the room let alone sits at the table through to no holders at all so they are just left lying flat on the table.

It’s Easy To Make Your Own Table Card Holders

So don’t let this happen to you, as you think up your table names don’t forget to think about your table card holders as well.

In my table name holders project I’ve taken the theme of travel and used an Ikea photo frame, which I think are great for a wedding table. They are the right size i.e. big enough to see and identify but not too large to overpower the table. Most importantly they are a good height, as they are not going to get in the way of the view across the table. Finally they are also very inexpensive to buy costing just over a £1 each.

Give your wedding tables a finished and professional appearance by creating your own stylish wedding table card holders.

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