DIY White Calla Lily Buttonhole

how to make a calla lily wedding buttonhole Are you having calla lilies in your bouquet? If you are you might want to create a calla lily buttonhole for the Groom to match your bouquet.

Calla lilies make great buttonholes as they sit well on the jacket lapel.

I’ve made many of these stylish buttonholes over the years and I hope you can now create your using this diy tutorial.

materials need to make a calla lily buttonhole Material you will need:

  • A small calla lily flower
  • Two pieces of beargrass
  • A piece of green floristry wire
  • Two silver pieces of floristry wire
  • Floristry stem tape
  • Coordinating bullion wire and bead
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pin to secure it on the jacket
cutting the stem of a calla lily buttonhole Step 1

Cut the stem of the calla lily so that it has an inch below the flower.

wiring a calla lily for a buttonhole Step 2

Place the green wire up through the stem of the calla lily.

silver wires for a calla lily buttonhole Step 3

Place the two silver wires so that they cross at the base of the flower head.

how to wire a calla lily buttonhole Step 4

Bend the wires down so that they now form one. Cut so that you have about 2 inches of wire to make the stem.

how to create a diy calla lily buttonhole Step 5

Cover in green stem tape so that you can’t see any of the wires.

adding beargrass to a calla lily buttonhole Step 6

Place your two strands of beargrass at the back of the flower and tape in place.

learn how to add decorative details to a buttonhole Step 7

Bend the beargrass into a curve and hold it in place.Take your coloured wire in this case I’m using silver wire and wind it down the taped stem trapping the beargrass in place.

Tread the bead on so that it sits at the end of the stem. Then work back up the stem with the wire.

Secure it at the top.

learn to create a diy calla lily buttonhole for a groom on his wedding day Now you have a stylish calla lily buttonholeready for the groom to wear.

It always looks really nice in your photos if all of your wedding flowers corridinate. You could also think about having calla lily themed wedding favors and centerpieces.

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