Do It Yourself Wedding Cakes – Projects

Looking for information on Do It Yourself Wedding Cakes? Here are some step-by-step projects that I’ve created that will help you create a beautiful cake for your big day.  These tutorials are fun and easy – and only you will know that you have not used a professional caterer.

diy wedding cupcake mixture in the baking tin DIY Wedding Cupcakes

– This project gives you a perfect recipe to create carrot cupcakes that can be used as an alternative wedding cake.

diy wedding cake flower topper Do It Yourself Wedding Cake Flowers

– It’s so easy to make a wedding cake decoaration to fit with your wedding flower theme. Just follow my easy step-by-step project.

close up of a cheese wedding cake DIY Cheese Wedding Cake – Make your own unique cheese wedding cake and decorate it to fit your wedding color theme.
cupcakes used as a wedding centerpiece DIY Wedding Cupcake Centerpiece

– Are you looking for an edible wedding centerpiece? Discover how I suggest using cupcakes to create an original wedding centerpiece.

a diy cupcake stand made out of mirror tiles Make a DIY Wedding CupCake Stand

– I’ve used mirror tiles to create a stunning tiered cupcake stand.

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