Do It Yourself Wedding Favors – Projects

Thank your guests for being part of your big day with these Do It Yourself Wedding Favors projects. Whether you prefer edible favors or something more practical, there are plenty of ideas here for you to use.

close up of a chocolate wedding favor Do It Yourself Wedding Favors Chocolates

Learn how to make delicious chocolates that you can use as wedding faovors. You can even add glitter to coordinate them to your wedding color theme.

white chocolate hearts created following a do it yourself wedding favor tutorial White Chocolate Wedding Favors

Make your own unique do it yourself wedding favors using white chocolate, I’ve added apricot to mine but you could add whatever you like.

close up of a plant used as a green wedding favor Create your own Green Wedding Favors

Do you want to give your guests something that is going to last well after your wedding? Then this project may be perfect for you.

plant used as a vintage diy wedding favor Vintage Wedding Favors

Are you planning a wedding with a Vintage Theme? Then these vintage do it yourself wedding favors may be perfect as part of your table decorations.

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