Green Wedding Favors

pansy plants use as a wedding favor Here is a very easy way to create your own special green wedding favors. In this tutorial I’ve chosen to use miniature succulent plants but your could use any small plants like these pansy plants.
plants ready to be used as wedding favors Green wedding favors have become increasingly popular and I think it’s so nice for guest to have something to take home that’s going to last well after the wedding is over.

I just loved these tiny succulent plants when I saw them and I thought they were a perfect size for making them into wedding favors.

plant and votive for making a green wedding favor You will need to find plants and containers that fit with your wedding color theme. Here you can see how I have used these black and silver candle votives. I really like the look of the silver plant against the black. They would look perfect for a black and white wedding theme.
removing the plant to place it in a wedding favor pot Simply remove the plant pot, being careful not to disturb the root.
planting for a green wedding favor Place then into your chosen container, add more compost if you need to.
succulent plant used as a green wedding favor It’s that easy and they are going to look so pretty when placed on the table. This type of plant would also be suitable for the male guests as well as the ladies.
succulent plant in a white pail for use as a green wedding favor Here is another version, using the same type of plant but placed in a miniature white pail. These pails are available in lots of different colors so you are bound to be able to find one to fit with your wedding color theme. Minature pansy, ranunculus, tete-a-tete and rose plants also make beautiful green wedding favors.

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