Hydrangea DIY Wedding Centerpieces

blue hydrangea diy wedding centerpiece This hydrangea DIY wedding centerpiece tutorial packs blue hydrangeas into a mirrored cube vase. Flowers can look absolutely stunning when used on their own, and a flower like the hydrangea really doesn’t need anything else adding to it.

In this DIY project I’m using blue hydrangeas as it’s always quite difficult to find flowers to fit with a blue wedding theme and these are perfect. Hydrangeas also come in white, pink, green and purple.

materials for a diy wedding centerpiece You Will Need:

  • A large hydrangea plant.
  • A mirrored cube vase, the ones I’m using here is 6 inches square.
  • A block of Oasis floristry foam.
  • A large piece of film.
  • Scissors and a sharp knife.
preparing foam for a diy wedding centerpiece Step 1

Place the block of oasis foam on top of the vase and push down lightly so that it marks where you need to cut the foam.

Slice off the waste foam with a knife.

Drop the foam into a bucket of deep water and leave it to soak (it only takes a minute).

lining a vase for a low wedding centerpiece Step 2

Line your vase with a piece of film just to make sure it stays waterproof.

Placing foam into a low cube vase to create a wedding centerpiece Step 3

Add the wet foam to the vase and trim off the excess film.

adding blue hydrangea flowers to a low centerpiece Step 4

Cut off the hydrangea flowers at the base of the plant and arrange them into the foam.

packing blue wedding flowers into a low centerpiece Step 5

Continue packing in hydrangea flowers until you have filled the vase. It always looks good if some of the flowers spill over the edges of the vase.

blue wedding centerpiece For an added effect you can place this low centerpiece onto a circular mirror so that you get the reflection of the flowers on the table.

A perfect blue wedding centerpiece.

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