Table Name Holders – A Travel Theme

diy table name holders Why go for boring table numbers when there are so many ways to make your wedding table name holders far more personal. As a couple are you great travellers? If you are you might like this travel themed table name project. It incorporated your holiday snaps and favourite vacation destinations for use as your table names.
materials needed to make a wedding table name holder What you will need to create your table name holders:

  • An Ikea 4x6inch picture frame called ‘Tolsby’ for each table.
  • Holiday photos.
  • Stamp from the countries.
  • A double-sided transfer tape pen.
text for table name cards Once you have decided on your different countries for each table type out the destination in my case Australia (I used the font Vijaya size 72). Underneath that type a sentence to say when you were there or what you enjoyed about that trip. (For this I used font Vijaya size 16). Print it off.
using stamps to decorate table name cards Using a double-sided transfer tape pen fix the stamp in the centre above the name of your chosen country. So for mine I’ve used an Australian stamp ripped off an airmail letter.
creating table name cards Take out the plastic photo protector from the frame. Line up the text and draw around it. Cut out each of your different table name cards.
framing your diy table name cards Remove the film protector from the Perspex frame.
using photographs to personalise wedding table name holders Sandwich your photo on one side and your text on the other between the Perspex.
making personalised table name holders Screw on the base.
table name holders based around holiday destinations There you have it, unique table name holders with a travel theme, all you need to do now is think of a different country for each table and get making the next one. Alternative ideas to using your photos could be using postcards from different places or maps of that country.