Vintage Wedding Favors

plant in a cup for a vintage wedding favor Are you looking for an original idea for vintage wedding favors? Well I’ve got the perfect tutorial for you.

This step-by-step project shows you how to use plants in cups and saucer to make perfect vintage wedding favors. If you used odd and different patterned cups and saucers they will make wonderful a table decorations as well as being your wedding favors.

plant, cup and saucer to make a vintage wedding favor You will need an assortment of old fashioned vintage style cups and saucers. I got mine from an auction sale that sold odd boxes of pots for very inexpensive prices. Minature plants like these succulent plants and a small amount of compost.
removing a plant from its pot to re-plant in a cup to create vintage wedding favors Gently remove the plant from its pot. I’ve chosen to use a miniature succulent plant but you could use any that fit in with the season of your wedding, or wedding color theme.
planting vintage wedding favors in cups Plant into your chosen cups and saucers, adding more compost if needed.
teaspoon place setting card Add a place setting card.
I simply drew an outline of a teaspoon onto silver grey card and cut it out. To make lots of these at once simply draw the image several times on a piece of paper and photocopy it onto your card. Then hand write in the names.
vintage wedding favor in a cup with a teaspoon place setting card Now you not only have your vintage wedding favors but also your place setting cards and they will certainly decorate the tables as well.

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