Wedding Craft Ideas – 5 Things you Can Make for your Own Wedding

Many brides love the idea of planning and decorating their own wedding. This gives them an opportunity to show their creative flair and style. There are many wedding craft ideas that will allow you to create the most unique wedding imaginable.

Creative Wedding Decorations

The use of a garden trellis can offer many decorating options for the wedding reception. One ideal feature of using a trellis is that it can be painted according to the wedding color scheme. Once painted, decorating can be left to one’s imagination. Depending on the wedding theme, it can be adorned with flowers, strung with lights, or covered with fabric, such as tulle or satin. For Christmas weddings, stockings could be hung while for a fish-themed wedding, one could add colorful, artsy fish.

Wedding Favour Ideas

The wedding favors are usually great fun to make, especially to the imaginative and creative bride. There are many wedding craft ideas for favors that can make the wedding reception stand out and become memorable. Food-type favors are usually a big hit. If the bride has a favorite cookie recipe, she can create cookies-in-a-jar favors, or, she could arrange a huge cookie table complete with a wide variety of cookies and take-out boxes. Guests can fill their boxes with delicious cookies of their choice to take home and enjoy.

If not food, then little bowls of fish could be placed on the tables. Complete this idea by having bags available to the guests to enable them to take the fish home.

Homemde Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations are probably the most important part of the wedding and can be easily made while still appearing to be as elegant as the store bought ones. Many products are available to help with making the invitations such as vellum, cardstock, stamps with wedding designs, and wedding punches. Personalized photo thank you cards are also a nice way to go about sending a thank you for all the wonderful gifts you receive.

There is a multitude of wedding craft ideas for card boxes. A unique design would be to create a 3-layered tiered box using circular hat boxes. These can be decorated with scrapbook paper and embellishments. Once completed, it takes on the look of a tiered wedding cake.

Down the Aisle

And for that special walk down the aisle, a personalized aisle runner is perfect. Designs or monograms can be printed from the internet and transferred to the fabric either by painting or iron-on.