Wedding Flip Flops With Flower Decoration

decorating wedding flip flops with fabric flowers You don’t have to be getting married on a beach to need wedding flip flops. They are a great accessory for all brides who are likely to suffer from tired feet by the end of the day!This project is going to show you how to decorate a cheap pair of flip flops and make them into a fancy wedding accessory. My basic white flip flops cost me just £1.50 and all of the materials cost under £5, what a bargain.
materials for making wedding flip flops What you will need to make your wedding flip flops:

  • A basic pair of flip flops.
  • Three different types of material, I’ve gone for white cotton, Ivory lace and white organza.
  • Three pieces of card cut to 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches and 4.5inches square to use as your templates.
  • A good pair of material scissors.
  • A needle and thread.
  • A pair of diamante buttons.
  • A glue gun (this is optional)
cutting out materials for making fabric flowers for bridal flip flops Take your first template place it on your first fabric (in this case the white cotton), draw round and cut out six squares.
Do the same for the other two squares and types of fabric.
materials ready to make flowers for wedding flip flops I’ve chosen white and ivory fabrics to coordinate with the wedding dress. But you could create your wedding flip flops to the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses.
making material flowers Take your first set of six squares, fold one in half diagonally, starting at one end stitch along the edge.
sewing material flowers When you get to the opposite corner, pull the thread to gather up your material and create your first petal.
sewing white material flowers for decorating wedding flip flops Then do the same (on the same thread) for all six petals.
white cotton material flower When you get to the end make sure you knot together the first and last petals securely.
all the material layers to create a flower You can see in the photo here that because the white cotton is quite thick it leaves a hole in the centre of the flower, but it doesn’t matter. Other lighter fabrics such as the organza and the lace produce flowers with no central hole.You don’t have to have three layers to your flower. Your wedding flip flops will still look pretty with one layer of petals.
layering petals to make a flower Layer the fabrics on top of each other making sure that any layers with a central hole are not at the front. Sew all the layers together.
diamante button in the center of a material flower Stitch in the central button, in this case I’ve used a diamante button to give an extra special look as after all these are bridal flip flops.
attaching flower to a wedding flip flop You need to now fasten the flower onto the toe piece of your wedding flip flops. You can do this with a hot glue gun or by stitching them on or a combination of the two.
bride wearing a diy wedding flip flop That’s it. You now have your finished wedding flip flops ready to wear. After the wedding you can also slip them in your suitcase ready to wear on the beach on your honeymoon.If you have some spare fabric left you could make a bag to store your new gorgous wedding flip flops in ready for your big day.

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