Wedding Menu Ideas

Here are some of my ideas and tips to help you get started with wedding menu ideas.

What Time of Year Is Your Wedding

If you stick to seasonal menu ideas not only will the food be fresher and more readily available it will also be less expensive and easy to find. So think carefully about this before you start to brainstorm your wedding menu ideas.

salads for a wedding menu idea

For a summer wedding you could plan a Bar B Q with a salad bar. You could employ an outside caterer to take care of the Bar-B-Q then get friends and family to supply the salads.

bread and soups for a wedding menuSoups can provide a great starter course for your wedding menu and can easily be tailored to the season of your wedding. For a fall wedding you could make butternut squash soup. If you are having a winter wedding you could go for a hearty warm soup like leek and potato. Like wise for a summer wedding you could serve chilled avocado or a gazpacho soup.

You could put the finishing touch to your soup dish by providing romantic heart-shaped bread, as pictured here.

Is your wedding in the summer when strawberries are in season? You could provide beautiful bowls of strawberries and cream as a dessert. This kind of dessert can be beautifully presented and your costs will be relatively inexpensive at the height of the strawberry season.

So start planning your wedding menu ideas around the type of produce available locally at the time of year you are getting married.

Theme Your Wedding Menu Ideas

wedding cakes for a vintage wedding themeDo you have a wedding theme that you can incorporate into your menu? If you are planning a vintage wedding theme you could have a wedding menu based around afternoon tea and cakes. This would be ideal for a DIY wedding menu as you could ask family and friend that are good cake makers to provide beautiful cakes that you can display on vintage cake stands. To accompany these you can purchase party buffet food from your local deli or supermarket and present it as finger food, which is perfect for an afternoon tea theme.

A hog roast would be perfect for a western themed wedding. You could keep everything very informal with pretty tables decorated in gingham cloths and allow guests to help themselves to accompanying salads from a buffet bar.

Organising and Planning a DIY Wedding Menu

making cakes is a great wedding menu ideaDon’t give yourself too much to do, delegate and get help. You will be amazed how many people like to contribute to a celebration. Talented people love to show of their food making skills and watch other people enjoying it.

I would suggest planning your menu with people in mind. For instance if you have a mass of talented friend that are cake bakers the vintage afternoon tea is perfect! Most people can turn their hand to making salads and preparing fresh fruit for a summer wedding and lets face it homemade soup at a winter wedding is easy and inexpensive to make.

Once you have an initial outline of your wedding menu ideas then get a close friend or family member to take on the responsibility of overseeing the project. They can then liase with people, allocate tasks and make sure everything is going to come together on the day. I would suggest they don’t take on any of the cooking, as they will have enough to do organising and liasing with everyone.


presentation of wedding menu foodWhen it comes to a DIY wedding menu one of the key aspects to success is in the presentation, this is how you can make all the elements come together. Laying out food as bars is a great way to present your food.

For instance you could have a salad bar where all the salads are placed in different sized white bowls placed on a long table with a beautiful color-coordinated tablecloth. You could have a dessert bar or cake bar where puddings and cakes are placed on tall and low cake stands. If you want this to fit with a vintage theme you could have a mass of different patterned vintage plates, bowls, cream and sugar bowls. Or how about creating a fruit bar where glass bowls of colourful fresh fruit are ready for guests to select their favorites.

Using pretty food flags is a decorative way to let guest know what the food options are, these can coordinate with the rest of your table stationery.

By choosing a theme, choosing coordinated crockery, table linen and table stationery you will achieve a really professional look.

Planning Your DIY Menu Ideas

You will need to plan  whether you will have a complete DIY menu or  you may choose to combine  elements of DIY with some professional caterers. For instance you may ask the caterers to provide the starter and main course and then you do a DIY dessert bar. You could plan to do a DIY starter of soup and a main course then hire an ice cream van or vendor to take over the dessert course. I have been to a wedding where the ice cream van has rolled up in time for dessert and I have to say it was a massive hit with the guests.

planning wedding menu ideas

The success of your wedding menu ideas will come down to effort you put into the planning and organisation, as well as utilising the skill and talents of your friends and family of course.