Wedding Program Examples – How to Create your Ceremony Program

Your wedding day should be as unique as you are, and that includes the look, feel and design of your wedding program. While designing it yourself can be a bit of a pain, by studying the following wedding program examples, adding your own touch and maybe combining some ideas, you can get a jump on it and have it done in no time.

Why Should You Have a Program?

Once, wedding programs described the ceremony’s order. That way, your guests would know what was happening. Today, they don’t need to be as detailed. If you use one, it should answer your guests’ potential questions and tell them what’s happening.

Wedding Program Examples

What should your program say? It depends on the style of your wedding. If you’re having a big, fancy wedding with lots of people who’ve contributed a lot and a huge wedding party, you should mention them all or as many as will fit on the page. A very general outline is:

  • Bride and Groom’s Names (BIG FONT, can match your invite)
  • Time and place of the ceremony (small, in italics)
  • Special events: Candle lighting, sand making, etc. with names of participants
  • Processional with names of the bridesmaids/groomsmen/ring bearer and flower girl
  • Bridal Processional (Bridal March, etc.)
  • Any scripture readings, prayers
  • Giving of the Bride
  • Intentions
  • Vow/ring exchange
  • Any special notes (If your guests should leave for the reception, wait to be dismissed, etc)

You can also include other details of the ceremony, which you should have gone over with the minister.

Personalising your Wedding Program

If you’re going for something simpler, you can do something different. It should still give your guests the basic information, such as the names of both the bride and the groom, the names of the people in your wedding party and information about who the ordained minister is. If you have a special song that plays or a special meaningful event (like a candle lighting), that can also be included. To make the program more interesting, you can:

  • Make it fit the theme (Shape it into flowers, a famous destination’s landmarks or something else)
  • Make it into a fan
  • Make it pocket-sized

Finishing Your Wedding Program

Print it out on blank paper. Make sure names are spelled write, that it fits in the space and you can read it. Print out final copies on colored paper or your cut-outs. Give them to whomever’s handing them out.