Wedding Theme Ideas – 7 Popular Themes

Many brides choose to have some sort of fun or elegant theme to coordinate all of their wedding items to. Here are 7 interesting and popular wedding theme ideas that you could use:

1. Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

A couple that planned a beach wedding theme.

This is a great one for destination weddings and summer weddings. A lot can be done with natural items, such as seashells and sand. Use these items to create beautiful centerpieces, fun favors to take home, or even use clean shells to decorate your wedding cake.

If you are getting married somewhere hot and tropical you might want to check out my tropical wedding centerpiece project (pitured below left). It features the gloriosa lily flower but you could change it to orchids or anthuriumns to coordinate with your wedding color theme.

diy tropical wedding centerpiece candles for a beach wedding theme

There is plenty of choice for other wedding decorations and favors to fit with a beach wedding theme. The above shell and sand beach themed wedding candles would look perfect surrounding your wedding centrepieces.

2. Fairy Tale Theme

flower girl dressed as a fairyNothing says true love and romance like fairy tale wedding theme ideas – and you don’t have to have tons of money to have your own happily ever after affair. If you are going to be having young flower girls at your wedding they are just going to love dressing up in the fairy theme. You can see one here (photo left). She’s holding a wand that I made featuring an orchid flower, her dress also had wing decorations on the back of it.

Find books with collections to fairy tales to use as imagery on your wedding table plan and place setting cards. You can also pick some regal, stately colors, such as silver, purple, or a dark red, and use these colors throughout all of your decorations. Crystals large and small also make great table and cake decorations for this wedding theme idea.

3. Casino Wedding Theme Ideas

casino wedding decoration ideas

For some, nothing screams marriage like Las Vegas. Whether you’re going to Vegas for your honeymoon, getting married there, or just like the vibe, you can bring Vegas into your wedding decorations easily. Decorate almost anything by painting on the simple shapes of the card suits. For favors, you can actually give out personalized decks of cards.

personalized vegas wedding cardsA Vegas themed wedding is one of the easier wedding theme ideas to get right.

The simple playing card shapes are just so simple to translate onto your wedding decorations. You could paint heart, club, diamond and spade shapes onto your table plan, place setting cards and posting box.

You will have no problem finding coordinating Vegas theme wedding favors to help decorate your wedding tables.

4. Garden Theme

wedding tent in the garden

Out of all of the possible wedding theme ideas, a garden theme is one of the most classic and elegant. This theme is perfect for a marquee (tent) or barn, you can create a pretty relaxed environment with floral prints on the tables, bunting and floral centerpieces.

natural garden wedding centerpieces seed wedding favors for a garden themed wedding

Here you can see a photo (above left) of a wedding I recently worked on. The bride held her wedding reception in her Mum’s garden. I created centerpieces in white pails using flowers and foliage with fragrance to fit with the garden theme.

There are plenty of garden themed wedding favors, which will help decorate your wedding tables. The ones that I really love are the seed wedding favors they just seem so perfect for a country garden wedding (see photo above right).

natural plants used as wedding favorsFlowers may be your main focus for this wedding theme, but they don’t have to be just live flowers. You can make a beautiful venue decorations by using nice silk flowers or plants to decorate tables, arches, and more.

You can also spend time planting shrubs and flowers in the borders of your garden that will last long after the wedding celebrations are over. If you’re not holding the wedding in your family garden you could plant large urns and tubs to take them to your wedding venue.

Other popular accessories for garden weddings include ladybugs and bumblebees.

5. Winter Theme

christmas wedding decorationsIf you’re getting married in the winter, you can go with a beautiful winter wedding theme idea. There are several ways that you could do this theme. One is to go Christmasy, and use holly to decorate as well as dark greens and reds. Another really nice theme is to go with whites, light blue, and silver, and create a winter wonderland.

snowflake winter wedding favorsI’ve worked on both of these types of winter wedding theme ideas and both work equally well. If you are getting married in the month of December, ask your wedding venue what type of Christmas decorations they are going to have. This will allow you to incorporate them into your color theme and wedding decorations.

Wedding favors and stationery that complement a winter wedding theme often feature snow flakes, stars and crystals.

6. Asian Wedding Theme Ideas

setting up wedding decorations at an asian weddingWhether you are Asian, or fiance is, or you just appreciate the culture, doing an Asian-themed wedding can be absolutely beautiful. The colors you most likely think of are red and gold, but there are many other rich colors out there you can use. You can see me in the photo above setting up the flowers on the stage at an Asian wedding, the soft gold backdrops looked fabulous.

7. Western Theme

bride and groom at a western themed wedding

If you want to do something a little different, do your wedding western style. You can be as casual as you want – think checkered table cloths, flowers arranged in milk jugs, and daisy chains.

These are some of the most popular wedding theme ideas but there is nothing to say you can’t come up with your own unique theme, that’s special and poignant to you as a couple.

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